Wooden Grid False Ceiling

Wooden Grid False Ceiling

A ceiling provides protection from the elements in the roof. With the advent of wooden grid false ceiling, people are moving towards false ceiling to improve the interiors of their place. Here, one needs to use all his creativity from basic to advance level to make the best use of Wooden Wall Panel in Hyderabad.

Transformation to creativity: False ceiling

As the name suggests, false ceiling is a superficial ceiling made beneath the main ceiling of the room or building. In other words, it is a second layer of roof made of wooden frame. This improves the aesthetics of the room.E3 Wood has also ventured into providing wooden grid false ceiling and has been doing well in meeting the expectations of its customers.

Wooden grid false ceiling is user-friendly and versatile for all applications including new construction or re-modelling, residential or commercial. The wooden grids are decorative and allow light to come from a source hidden above the ceiling line.

We offer many styles and wood species allowing you to create a unique room.Wooden grid false ceiling is widely used for lighting, basement ceilings, venting, height change and theatres.

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